Last modified: April 4, 1998.

Download Anansi full versions
Windows \ Location Garbo Simtel WinSite
Windows 3.11 Beta 3e 1.0 (build 6) 1.0 (build 6)
Windows 95 or NT - 1.0 (build 6) 1.0 (build 6)
To find Anansi on mirror sites of the above locations: for the Windows 3.11 version and for the Windows 95 version. Or enter the filename yourself.

The links are always tested directly after uploading a new version of this page. However, I can't predict when to add a new link when I've uploaded new versions to the FTP servers. Especially WinSite takes many days before they process new uploads and they don't notify the author.

Anansi Now! Anansi Now! Anansi Now!

Download Anansi 2.0 Beta upgrades
Read the whatsnew.htm file (Help | What Is New)!
Anansi.exe 2.0 (Beta 2b, May 13 1998, 32 bit only) This is a beta so expect bugs. Download for Windows 95. Includes manual update.
Anansi.exe 2.0 (As above but for Delphi 3 users) You need VCL30.DPL and VCLX30.DPL in your system folder for this edition. Download for Windows 95

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