Release notes

Beta 2b

Also read the notes for Beta 2!

Beta 2b is a simple maintenance upgrade to Beta 2, but it has one new feature: the Navigation Block Assistant. A Navigation Block is a section of links to other pages at your site, usually at the top, bottom or in the left margin of a page. Many sites that consist of more than a few pages have such nagivation blocks.

The Navigation Block Assistant enables webmasters to

  1. ... design navigation blocks that will be automatically customized for the page they're placed on. Which means the link to the page itself can be changed in normal text, a specially colored picture, etc.
  2. ... easily update a site with redesigned navigation blocks by simply recompiling pages. A navigation block is just a special kind of editor side include. (See the general remarks below and the screen capture for more on editor side includes).

Beta 2

Beta 2 is an important upgrade because it introduces a new data structure for saving project information. Starting with beta 2 each project will store its data in its own folder. The new data structure has two serious consequences:

  1. You need to delete anansi.ini and all your Px.ini files. If you don't like throwing away what you've got then just make a copy of the folder containing Anansi.
  2. As the new data structure required a partial rewrite of the Upload Manager the opportunity has been taken to do a complete rewrite of the Upload Manager. Extensive tests have been done to rule out any bugs here, but please keep in mind that Anansi 2.0 is still in beta.

All previously reported bugs have been fixed. There are currently no known bugs except for some weird wrapping of the editor resulting in parts of the last word on a line disappearing into the right margin.

The search and replace functions are disabled and will be working again in Beta 3.

Anansi 2.0 in general

New interface:

New editor:

Main screen of the new Anansi

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