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Reasons for sponsoring

If you want to sponsor anyway then skip to the explanation for Anansi for Sponsors.

I don't mind getting rich but my immediate goals are rather modest. I want a new machine with Windows NT and Linux installed, as well as a copy of Delphi 3, the new version of the development environment used for Anansi.

I'd also like to take Anansi to a new level. The most efficient way to do this is to buy components from other authors. That's how most authors of HTML-editors "develop" their previewers. I'm afraid full wysiwyg will take a least a few more months, so a previewer would be nice to fill up the gap. And then there are other components like those enabling voice command and voice dictation.

Anansi for Sponsors

Sponsors get a special version of Anansi called Anansi for Sponsors. Anansi for Sponsors will show the sponsor's name on the about box and at least one major feature will be added as bonus. For starters the current Anansi for Sponsors comes with an integrated spell checker. Integrated spell checking has the advantage that it knows how to skip HTML tags. It will also skip all remaining WWW- and email addresses. In short, when it comes to efficient spell checking it will beat any exterior spellchecker hands down.

The standard Anansi for Sponsors comes with a USA and UK English language libraries. Sponsors interested in other languages should let me know.

Sponsor pricing

You will get Anansi for Sponsors for $30. This minimum price gives you a key for one user, that will unlock the 32 bit Anansi for Sponsors. When the 16 bit Anansi for Sponsors get released, you get free upgrades to the 32 bit version. Starting from $50 you automatically receive site licenses for 2 or more users. Seriously interested users can email for more information on site licenses.

Suggested payment methods

Payment methodExplanation
Kagi Recommended. Payment through Kagi can be done online, either secured or unsecured.

If you don't like or can't register online you can use the Kagi register program included with Anansi 1.0 or higher. You can run it directly from Anansi's helpmenu. Or, you can start up register.exe manually in the same directory as anansi.exe. If the register program seems to be missing you can download the program here. Kagi accepts credit cards, cheques and money orders as long as they're in dollars. Credit card payments can be done electronically, your credit card number is encrypted.

CompuServe This has higher costs for the author and you can't get site licenses. However if you prefer CompuServe above KAGI, please go ahead. To speed things up, make sure you give me an email after you have visited CompuServe's SWREG, as I only visit CompuServe once in about four days.

The key will fit for both versions of Anansi. Nonetheless, if your first choice is Windows 3.11 than GO SWREG and use the registration ID 15115. If your first choice is Windows 95 than use registration ID 15116. Except for generating some information about the interest in different versions, I don't really care which one you're using. Remember, only the version for Windows 95 is available at this moment.

Money Order Depends on where you live. It's the best solution for me. Money orders can be sent from many countries. You should cheque however the costs and the needed time for delivery. I'm patient but are you?
Direct transfer Recommended for Dutch users. Mail me for my account number at the Postbank.
Liquidities sent by registered or insured postal mail. At your own risk. Wrap the money in paper so it doesn't shine through.
Dutch Guilders
For Europeans on the condition they pay in Dutch Guilders. Due to conversions costs anything else than Dutch Guilders will be nearly worthless to me. This means you won't get Anansi for Sponsors. Mail me for my postal address.
Cash Send a minimum of $30 worth in your own currency, bills only no coins and let me keep the change. Mail me for my postal address.

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