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Creator in long wintersleep

Some people get very upset when they come across a piece of freeware that hasn't been updated for a while. Like they are paying my bills. Anansi has not been officially abandoned, but, it isn't my top priority either. Here are my top priorities:

1 Survive, literally. In short, I suffer from a serious case of CFS. It shrinks a day to a few hours or less. Making it to the next day is priority one. By the way, the C in CFS is for chronic.

2 Deal with bureaucracy. You need to have a fairly good health to deal with bureaucracy, especially when it concerns health problems. It's simply impossible.

3 On a good day, spend some time on something creative. That would be my dream software Alchera. Spending most of the time in bed, the topic is a logical choice. The software also pays a few bills, partially solving my dependence on bureaucracy.

Repeat after me: "I know it is not realistic to expect frequent upgrades to a free software product. I will also promise not to write any hateful emails to a freeware author just because I can."

Product description

Anansi is a completely project-centered HTML-editor. Anansi's Project Manager helps you to keep a good oversight of the files belonging to your homepage and remembers which files need to be uploaded with Anansi's Upload Manager.

Anansi has a Table Assistant that supports cellspanning by mousedragging. And like any good editor, Anansi has three levels of search and replace varying from one file or all opened files to all files of your homepage. Remember, there's no need to tell Anansi which files these are, Anansi already knows. For demanding users Anansi is able to do simultaneously testing with multiple browsers.

Anansi comes with a Stylesheet Assistant supporting the subset of CSS that is fairly safe to use. Even the most recent browsers are buggy to very buggy when it comes to CSS. However, when you stick to the subset supported by Anansi you have a very good chance that your page will look good on any browser.

Current status and plans

All plans are on hold, waiting for better times.

Last released version (1998)

Beta 2b of the syntax highlighting enriched Anansi is available for downloading. This is basically a maintenance upgrade with as bonus the Navigation Block Assistant. For a demo of what this can do for you, see my Healing Dreams site and notice the behaviour of the navigation blocks on top and on the left of the pages.

For more information on Beta 2b read the release notes. Then visit the download page, look for the upgrade section. Beta 2b includes a manual update.

As soon as Anansi 2.0 for Windows 95 is stable, a new version for Windows 3.x will be released. This will be a version 1.1 because it will get all the new features except the much desired syntax highlighting.

Those wanting to sponsor further development of Anansi can now do this using a SSL secured online webpage. Read the about sponsoring Anansi and how that will get you the special Anansi for Sponsors edition. Another option for sponsoring is to use my Amazon wishlist. When using the wishlist, make sure you send me an email when you want the the special Anansi for Sponsors edition.

Now available at Simtel: Anansi final 1.0 (build 6). Like the second build it has rewritten Search and Replace routines and it contains the Stylesheet Assistant. With this latest build all bugreports for the new Search and Replace have been handled. If you want to know more about stylesheets then please take a look at the old version of the manual about the Stylesheet Assistant, it explains why you want to use stylesheets and how easy it is to do so.

Some bugs are not Anansi's but related to certain versions of Windows. Check the Troubleshooting page.

If you have any suggestions or questions, please don't hesitate to mail me.


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