Utilities and links

Suggested free utilities

Anansi is able to use WordWeb, an incredible great thesaurus/ dictionary.

Todd C. Wilson has an utility for making imagemaps called Map This! Unfortunately he doesn't seem to have his own homepage anymore, but there are various places on the internet where you can still download this great tool. Try here or here or otherwise do a search with your favorite search engine on MapThis (one word).

Jasper Metselaar offers an online utility for processing forms. I'm content with it: free formmailer. Highly recommended!

Did you know that you can fire up helpfiles from Anansi (Beta 3f and higher) just as easy as applications? The HTML 3.2 Reference is available as a Windows Helpfile. Mind you, HTML 4.0 is pretty useless in that it was released after the last major Netscape release.

It's got nothing to do with homepages, but everything with using multiple email-accounts. I've written Sneaker, a small utility that changes ini-settings. It does this not only for email programs but for any kind of program.

Browserola is a browser emulator to see how your homepage looks with different browsers even though you don't have them installed.

Search Engines

Many of your visitors will find your homepage by using a search engine. Search Engine Watch may be able to teach you a few tricks to improve your position in the search results.


Icon Bazaar has lots of little graphics for your page.

Free filters at BorderMania to create buttons.

TuDogs has a great section with annotated links to Free Clipart.


Nice copy and paste scripts at Dynamic Drive.

Dan Steinman shows you how to do cross-browser DHTML.

About stylesheets

Quick Reference to Cascading Style Sheets level 1. Mind you, this is the real thing and not all of it is implemented in all the browers currently in use.

Microsoft's Cascading Style Sheets Gallery will learn you how not to use stylesheets.

The advanced HTML reference may actually give you a few ideas about how you should use stylesheets.

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