Anansi needs printer driver installed.
Version: all 32 bit Anansi's

There can be a problem when there is no printer installed at your machine or when you're using a networkprinter. To work around the problem simply install a printer driver in order to make Windows believe there is a printer.

Third-party bugs

Filelocking problem.
Version: older Windows 3.11 builds, Windows 3.1

Some of you reported a filelocking problem. Luckily Will Taylor wrote me the explanation. Here's a quote from his email (with permission):

Just thought I should let you know that I found the solution to the file locking problem that I relayed to you a few weeks ago. It appears to be related to the changes in file sharing and locking handling between Windows 3.1 and Windows for Workgroups.

In Windows 3.1, file locking/sharing was managed through the DOS SHARE.EXE facility, but when Windows for Workgroups was developed, they introduced a new sharing facility (VSHARE.386) that loaded with Windows and effectively took over those duties for Windows. Since that time, VSHARE.386 has been upgraded a few times to add new features and capabilities (particularly to deal with OLE) and the most recent version is now backwards compatible with Windows 3.1. Based on the documentation, this upgrade is needed to run certain software that uses more sophisticated sharing and locking features.

I downloaded the required file from the Microsoft Internet site (file WW1000.EXE ... a self-extracting file) and followed the instructions on how to implement it (rather trivial, to be honest), and now the Anansi file-locking problem has been totally eliminated.

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