Features Survey


I'd like to get some input from you about features you like to see in an email program.

Expected any day is the release of the final alpha version of Angel. This version is meant to give you a first impression and I'm interested in your feedback where it concerns the user interface and general features. I won't recommend using the alpha version as your primary email program because the database structure may be changed significantly with the release of the first beta.

Angel consists for a large part of libraries that are unlikely to change anytime soon. Upgrading to new beta versions will be mostly a matter of downloading a new execute file of about 200 KB.

Ideas on features are already welcome. Take the structured survey or send me an email. Better yet, do both. :-)

(The following form will be sent using the email client hidden in your browser.)

Your name?

Your email address?

Which screen resolution do you use:

640 x 480

800 x 600


Which currently implemented Angel features are important for you?

Support for multiple accounts

Spam filtering

Mailinglist management

Personalized mailings (mailmerging)

Semi-threaded access to messages

Direct access to notes on correspondents

Email comments field

Subscription management

The following features are seriously considered. Which one(s) do you find important?

Tight PGP integration.

Automatic polling for new email.

An integrated HTML-based word-processor.


Ability to view RTF emails.


What is your current primary email program?

What do you consider strong points of your current email program?

Thank you for participating!

Mail Harry Bosma at hbosma@xs4all.nl.