General Benefits and Benefits for Professionals.

For Small Businesses and Non-Profits

Fame protects your reputation

Fame collects and analyzes bounced emails. Addresses that bounce repeatedly can be disabled on your lists. This gives you a better overview of how many people you actually reach.

Having many bounces has the risk of becoming listed as a spammer. Fame helps you to protect your reputation by (optionally) removing bounced addresses from your mailings.

Fame handles subscriber registrations

Your website probably has a form where people can subscribe themselves to your newsletter. These subscription emails can be read by Fame to automatically update your mailing lists.

Vice versa, Fame can also process emails of people who want to unsubscribe.

Fame is flexible with address books

Addresses can be maintained within Fame's native address book, that allows quick entry and editing thanks to its spreadsheet inspired interface.

Fame can import from and export addresses to two main formats: plain and simple address lists, and spreadsheet compatibe CSV or TSV files. Wherever or however your contact lists are created in your organization, Fame has the flexiblity to support your process.

Additionally Fame can also load data directly from the Windows Address Book, which is used by Outlook Express and Windows Mail.

Fame editor

Fame's native address book,
(which can take any and all data you need)